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Instant Connection: The Power of Improvisation to Create Relationships and Spark Joy

Instant Connection The Power of Improvisation to Create Relationships and Spark Joy By Joshua Luckens When was the last time you opened your mouth to speak without having completely planned out what you were going to say? For me, it was the last time I said something…and the time before that! The truth is, we are all constantly discovering what we are going to say [...]

Managing Back To School Jitters and Nerves

by Alison Ratner Mayer, LICSW A new school year can be both exciting and nerve racking for kids (and parents). Here are a few things you can do to help your kids feel more confident, comfortable and secure about the Fall. Play Tell your little one that you want to “play school” and see if they will take the lead.  Tell them that you’ll be [...]

The Benefits of Sharing a Hobby With Your Child

By Alison Ratner Mayer, LICSW The other day I posted an adorable video of a young girl singing with her dad and an absolutely amazing video of a teenage girl and her dad beatboxing like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  Besides these videos being incredible, awesome, and cute, they are important and relevant for another reason all together.  I’ll tell you why. One of the [...]