When should you call  Child Therapy Boston?

• If your child is having difficulty with peer relationships.
• If your child would like skills to make more friends.
• If your child’s teacher has recommended a social skills group.
• If your child is being bullied or has been labeled as a bully.
• If your child needs help communicating and expressing his/her thoughts and emotions appropriately.
• If your child seems overly sad, anxious, worried, or angry.
• If your child is having trouble adjusting to a new school, living arrangements, family situation, or life circumstances.
• If you need parenting advice or coaching or would like to learn more about how to help your child through difficult situations.

How can Child Therapy Boston help?

In Child Therapy Boston’s practice, children are given the opportunity to express their own unique thoughts and feelings at a pace they are comfortable with. Utilizing child-centered and child-specific techniques including play, art, bibliotherapy (the use of books and stories in therapy), writing, relaxation, and skill-building, each child will find a warm and open place to work through their stressors and struggles. Children will gain the necessary coping skills to keep in their “tool box” for life and will benefit from positive growth and increased self-esteem. Alison’s social skills groups are a safe and fun place for children and teens to connect with their peers and to receive helpful feedback both from Alison and group members. The groups provide kids with positive peer experiences and opportunities to improve self-esteem all while laughing and having fun.

What services does Child Therapy Boston provide?

• Individual Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Sibling Therapy
• Social Skills Group Therapy
• Parenting, Coaching, and Support
• Parent Workshops