Alison provides in person, telephone, web or email consultation for therapists, school counselors, and psychologists who run social skills group therapy or for those who need great ideas for fun and creative social skill activities. 

Workshops and Trainings

Alison has spoken at many local area SEPAC’s and parent groups about friendship and social skills.  If you are interested in having Alison speak to or run workshops for parent groups, SEPACs, teachers, and therapists in schools, agencies, or private practices, please feel free to reach out.  Some of her past workshops have included:

“Creative Strategies for Helping Children with Jitters and Nerves”
“When Friends Don’t Come Easy”
“Facilitating Play Dates For Your Child”
“How to Help Your Child with Conversation Skills”
“Incorporating Social Skills Into the Pre-K Curriculum”
“Incorporating Social Skills Into the Elementary Classroom”
“What is Social Skills Group Therapy”

Alison is also happy to come to agencies and schools to talk about her practice and the groups they offer. Please feel free to be in touch if you’d like more information. 781-400-2641 or email


“Alison gave me the confidence, resources, and “how to’s” to get a kids’ social skills group up and running! Her passion and knack for working with kids is undeniable, and her consultation style is equally engaging and accessible. She supported me from start to finish and, thanks to her consultation, I now have a thriving (and ongoing!) social skills group!” – Emily Green, LPC

Alison is a fabulous therapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have had the privilege of working along side of her and was impressed with her way with my students. Alison provides and facilitates top notch social skills groups, gives strong educational support, and collaborates well with professionals. Alison not only provides children with the emotional support that they need, she also has supports the schools that she works in. She has given me great information and resources that has helped me to better support my students.
– “Teach Them All” 


Alison is available to run groups or parent workshops at Boston-area schools, agencies, or individual practices.

How do you know if your school needs social skills groups with Alison?

You have students who :
Have trouble making or keeping friends
struggle to join in with peers
Lack coping and or frustration management skills
Have difficulty with sportsmanship
Have experienced trouble with bullies
Appear to have low self esteem
Parents have asked if your school offers social skills groups

What can Alison provide for your school or agency?

Skill-based groups: Social skills, friendship skills, communication skills, coping skills, sportsmanship skills, frustration and anger management skills.
Process oriented and support groups: Divorce, grief and loss, self-esteem, girl power groups, life transitions, and sexual orientation groups for teens.
Parent workshops: How to help your kids with bullies, self-esteem, behavior management, and friendship skills.
Professional workshops and training for teachers school counselors: Ideas for running social skills groups in school: Games and activities to promote social skill development.

Why use Alison’s services?

She is innovative, creative, energetic, and enthusiastic
She forms relationships with the children and teenagers easily & quickly
She has a tremendous amount of experience running groups
She works well with teachers, administrators, and other school personnel
She will provide a service for your school or agency that is professional, dynamic, and fun for your students (parents will be pleased as well).

For LCSW’s, LPC’s, LMFT’s, and School Counselors


“Alison has taught our social skills groups for over 2 years. She works with all of our grade levels, from 4th-12th grade. Alison has made a tremendous impact on our population. She identifies issues, works with students and resolves problems. Alison also helps teach our children to interact in a more typical environment. I highly recommend Alison, as I can first hand see that she makes a difference!”  
– Debbi Scarborough, Founding Director, Cumberland Academy, 

Alison has been great to work with. She is professional, flexible, and has a wonderful way with the students at our school. Both teachers and students have commented about how much they appreciate her services. We feel so fortunate to have Alison on our team!
– “Sarah Levy, PhD, School Counselor”

How to get in contact with Alison

For group therapy services at your school or agency please contact Alison Ratner, LICSW at: 781-400-2641
Or email at: